5 Tips For Choosing A Right Enclosure?

5 Tips For Choosing A Right Enclosure?


An enclosure is a cabinet or box that protects electronic equipment & prevents electrical shock. Enclosures are usually made from rigid plastics or other metals like steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. These are rated to designate protection against non-hazardous, hazardous, and other specific environmental conditions. It protects electrical equipment in diverse building, industrial, & utility applications. They also shield equipment from radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Enclosures boxes are usually used to protect the different types of equipment such as Circuit breakers, contactors, control panels, and switches, Distribution boards and panelboards, Pressurization and purging equipment and systems, Telephone cabinets, etc.

Distribution box

A distribution box ensures that electrical supply is distributed in the building, also known as a panel board, distribution board, electric panel, or breaker panel. It is the central electrical supply system of any property. A distribution box houses all the contact breakers, doorbells, and timers. The electrical power supply comes from the network to the building The cable is connected to the distribution board & the power is distributed through the breakers in the secondary circuits. The distribution box serves as the distributor of electrical power. As a component of an electrical system, it divides electrical power into subsidiary circuits & provides a protective circuit breaker for each circuit. Enclosure and Distribution Boxes both should be chosen as per the load needs. Both of these boxes should be made with excellent quality for Anti Rusting and Anti Corrosion.

How to choose the best enclosure?

1. Eco-friendly

It is important to know the most common potential environmental threats to decide which enclosures are best suited to protect your circuit boards. Knowing this will be able to determine which enclosure offers maximum protection from environmental factors.

2. Application

The application is concerned with the product. Market application considerations include factoring in repair shops food plants, pools, parking water treatment plants, garages, and among others; i.e. where the enclosure is intended to fit. Product applications relate to the requirements of the physical enclosure e.g. ease of access, wall mounts, etc.

3. Thermal management requirements

Managing the buildup from heat generated within the circuit board is essential to ensuring the efficiency, longevity, and extended lifespan of your products. It is vital therefore to plan for effective thermal management solutions, whether this is to reduce or increase heat to maintain optimal conditions for proper functioning.

4. Performance standards

Understanding enclosure ratings is important so that you can ascertain the level of protection offered by each enclosure. These settings have been standardized throughout the country providing appropriate ratings for locations considered hazardous or non-hazardous. For hazardous locations, further description is provided to separate them into divisions, groups, & classes, including the potential of accumulation of hazardous material in the environment.

5. Material

These threats should be considered when selecting the right material for the enclosure, as well as the application location. Materials used may be metallic e.g. aluminum and steel or non-metallic e.g. fiberglass and plastic. The choices to be made depend on the application performance demands i.e. standard, airtight, watertight, or other enclosures.

Plastic Enclosure Vs Metal Enclosure

Plastic battery enclosures can be effective & lighter than metal. Metals are good conductors whereas Plastic cases are electrically insulated. Plastics are not suitable for outdoor uses for long periods of time. Metal is fire resistant & in some simple designs can be cheaper than plastic. Lithium-ion battery enclosure (metal) is stronger than a plastic case. If absolute strength is required then the metal will be harder to damage or vandalize than plastic.

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