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Racks are used for short-term and long-term purposes such as holding materials, products or loads in a distribution facility, industrial storage racks to hold items in an organized manner. For choosing the right style and size of racks, it is necessary to consider the physical size and weight of the items or storage items as well as their frequency of use. Additionally, rack manufacturers often use strong and durable material to ensure safety and longevity of the racks.
These are used for holding, buffering or preserving the stick to ensure that sufficient inventory is in holding to fulfil the demands. Moreover, the configuration of the rack systems depends on the storage item characteristics and the ability to move them. Warehouse rack manufacturers provide cartons, large individual units or pallet loads to store products in warehouses and protect them from damage.

Industrial Racks Manufacturers

Industrial rack manufacturers design metal structured racks which support the goods in industrial or warehouse facilities. There are different types of industrial racks as it provides smooth functioning at warehouses for inventory storage. Moreover, they play a significant role in the logistics and supply chain of the enterprise. For every type of situation, racks are used that offer the benefit of optimized space in the warehouse. Ganga Metco produces pallet racking and picking solutions which help in lifting large loads through handling equipment.
Over the years, the demand for industrial storage racks manufacturers have increased. Every business looks for a reliable and credible manufacturer who can provide high-quality and durable racks to meet versatile, adaptable and dynamic environments. Normally, the design of industrial racks might look simpler, however these are quite complex and designed by engineering research and innovation. These are made by keeping in mind the optimization of time and space provided to the companies.
Ganga Metco manufactures products which are in compliance with international and local regulations. Each key aspect of racks manufactured at Ganga Metco undergo field tests to prove its reliability and durability.


Pcs Per Month


CNC Punching Machines
Sheet Size: 1250 x 3000 mm


CNC Bending Machines
Upto 3 Metres


Power Press
10 to 100 Tons

Ganga Metco Metal Racks
For Industry, Malls, Showroom, Shops

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Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks manufcarturer
Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks distributor

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Manufacturing Facilities

We, at Ganga Metco, offers you the following privileges:

  • Understanding in-depth requirement of our clients.
  • Layout is specifically designed for optimum space utilization and volume utilization
  • Storage selection is customized as per the client requirement
  • Timely delivery of finished products
Sheet Metal Racks

Warehouse Racking System

Warehouse pallet racking varies on various factors such as applications, specifications, and configurations. Every racking system differentiates according to the purpose and building. While considering the best type of warehouse rack for your business, Ganga Metco offers every type of customized racks to cater to your needs. Under the warehouse racking system, a mass storage of goods and equipment are unitized on pallets. It helps in providing efficient utilization of space while accessing stock items easily. Warehouse rack manufacturers design these for mass storage of non-perishable items and maintaining a better inventory control.

  • High load bearing strength
  • Impeccable finish
  • Ample space

We build exquisitely designed Display Racks that are being used in the display of various items in shopping malls, stores, showrooms and in other shopping areas.


  • Racks can be customized
  • Racks gives a facility of a systematic display
  • High strength
  • Items can be labelled easily
  • Anti-rust and anticorrosion shelves
  • Outstanding designs

We manufacture a wide range of Sheet Metal Racks

Our Products

  • Metafold Sheet Racks
  • Heavy Duty Beam Racks
  • Slotted Angles Racks
  • Roll-Out Cantilever Racks
  • Heavy Duty Arm Cantilever
  • Pallet Racks
  • Cantilever Library Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Shelving Racks
  • Display Racks
  • Grocery Store Racks
  • Luggage Racks
  • Heavy Duty Storage Racks
  • Departmental Racks
  • Hypermarket Racks
  • Wall Racks
  • Cosmetic Racks
  • Store Racks
  • Retail Display Racks
  • Crockery Racks
Sheet Metal Racks supplier
Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks manufacture and supplier
Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks
Sheet Metal Racks

For your Metal Racks
requirements please fill in the form below and submit. One of our expert will get in touch with you shortly. And/OR Call/Whatsapp us on +91 6399394444 for instant responses.

Problems that most Industrialist and Owners around the country are facing with their Metal Racks

  1. The bending edge is not straight and the size is unstable.
  2. The workpiece surface is bulging or uneven.
  3. There are cracks at bending angles.
  4. Bending causes hole deformation.
  5. The bending line is not parallel to the two-hole center.
  6. Load bearing capacity is low due to use of under gauge raw material.
  1. Usually paints is break-up at parts and due to this rust can be seen.
  2. The Concave part is uneven at the bottom.
  3. The axis of the wholes on two sides are misaligned after bending.
  4. The precise hole position cannot be guaranteed after bending.
  5. The bending surface is thinner.

Why to choose Ganga Metco for your Metal Rack Requirement?

Less chance of Rusty/Corrosion Icon


Less chance of Rusty/Corrosion

Higher durability Product Icon


Higher durability Product

Cities Supplying to Across India Icon


Cities Supplying to Across India

Rework is not required icon


Rework is not required

years of experience icon


years of experience in this Industry

Delivery on time icon


Deliveries on Time

  • We have a production facility with latest technology machines (3 Automatic CNC Punching Machines, 4 Automatic CNC Bending Machines, 40 Power Press Machines) as well as complete setup for fabrication.
  • We follow the defined scientific process to maintain the highest quality with products to eliminate rusty and corrosion problems.
  • Powder coating is completed with 11 tanks branded chemical treatment process and it is fully capable for a genuine and quality paint results.
  • Zero rework is required with our finished products.
  • We believe in delivering the best value of money and always to the customer.
  • 98% product deliveries are on time.
  • We provide customers the product samples as per the specifications before we start production for a bulk order (A Drawing 3D or PDF format is required).
  • We have a production capacity of 190.5 tons Metal Sheet Per Month with the help of Automatic CNC Punching, CNC Bending and Power Press machines.
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For your Metal Racks
requirements please fill in the form below and submit. One of our expert will get in touch with you shortly. And/OR Call/Whatsapp us on +91 6399394444 for instant responses.

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