Sheet Metal Fabricators

Sheet Metal Fabricators

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What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Ganga Metco Is one of finest Sheet metal fabricators Sheet metal fabrication is the process of turning flat sheets of steel or aluminum into structures or products, by cutting, punching, folding and assembling. It is the creation of metal structures It is a complex process but it also involves the use of hydraulic breaks by which sheet metal fabrication is simplified, as they help create bends at determined angles.

Working in Sheet Metal Fabrication Work
1) Cutting

To form steel into a round structure, Rolling machines are used in sheet metal fabrication. Tools, such as band saws and chops saws, can also be used in the sheet metal fabrication process. Sheet metal can be cut, bent or stretched into any shape, size which is done by cutting and burning the metal. After Cutting sheet metal, Punching is used to create holes of various shapes and designs in the sheet metal. CNC Punching Machines are generally used to perform this operation. Laser cutting technology can also be used for precision.

2) Finishing

Other main factors in sheet metal fabrication are welding. Once all the components are formed, they are then assembled into a welding position. Welding techniques can be used in sheet metal fabrication in order to prevent warping or any other problems. These techniques include covering the metal with sand during the cooling process Heat is applied to the metal in a slow manner to remove abnormalities. The metal is usually finished by being sandblasted, primed and painted. This ensures the metal looks fantastic and ready.

Sheet Metal Sheets
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