Powder Coating and its Benefits

Powder Coating and its Benefits

Metal fabricating is quite a lengthy and complex process. It goes from cutting, bending, welding, grinding, and polishing, and deciding how you want them. Sometimes, an extra step at the end is also undertaken, which is called powder coating.

People often want to get their part colored in a specific color, and it becomes the job of the company to decide how to fulfill their request. Some companies will put out liquid paint and brush to add color. However, many businesses want to turn to a more reliable and efficient method-powder coating. Powder coating has been proven to provide a huge asset in fabrication as it comes with great benefits. Before we study what advantages powder coating offers, let’s first understand what powder coating means.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a way to paint metal parts which is a whole different method from traditional methods. Under this, the powder of specific color is sprayed on the metal surface, which has an electrical charge. This charge helps the colored powder adhere to the surface, and it is heated when the spraying is done.

Advantages of Powder Coating

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to powder coating due to which many companies use it. Some of the top-notch benefits it provides are longevity and durability. Additionally, powder coating also saves the money of company and ensures environmentally protective methods. 

The following are the major benefits of powder coating-


If you have ever used powder coating, then you might probably know that it is highly resistant to wear and tear. The coating has materials that have the power of resistance to fading, chipping, scratching, and wearing. Such durability makes it ideal for metal parts that are prone to come into contact with environmental factors and sunlight. 

Other forms of coating are commonly used in farm equipment and exercise equipment, like vehicle bumpers and railings. Thus, this high durability ensures a finish that stays for a longer duration. 


Powder coating is extremely easy to maintain for a longer duration, mainly due to its durability. As the material is durable, the powder coating provides longevity of appearance. Moreover, the thermal bonding process makes sure that the coating is resistant to different environmental and weather factors.

However, it does not mean that your metal part will not get dirty or accumulate dust on it. You often have to clean the dust off because the dirt looks bad and prevents it from doing its job. If the metal part is powder-coated, a thorough cleaning procedure using light scrubbing and water is followed, which ensures that the colors remain intact. 

Time and Money Savings

If seen from a long-term point, powder coating can save a lot of money. The process of powder coating a metal product is much faster, unlike other painting methods. Also, while powder coating, you do not have to wait for it to dry as it requires less labor. Moreover, the whole process is completed at once-the powder is applied, and it is instantly cured. Another benefit here you can avail is that in less time, a number of parts & surfaces are coated while saving labor costs. 


Powder coating is an environmentally friendly way to color metal parts & surfaces. Even when it is sprayed on the part, the powder does not have any harsh chemicals which can make you sick. Moreover, it adheres to metal using the electrical charge, thus there are no solvents required. Commonly, the dry powder is directly put onto the metal when sprayed and the powder which comes in the air is easy to clean.

Get Powder Coating from Ganga Metco 

Considering all the benefits which come with powder coating, it is a smart move to make and get your parts coated using powder coating. Ganga Metco offers a reliable method for high-quality powder coating on different metal parts. If you need to get your parts coated by powder coating services, we will get your job done at affordable prices. Contact us today for more info!

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