Criteria While Choosing Best Electronic Enclosure Boxes for Your Use

Criteria While Choosing Best Electronic Enclosure Boxes for Your Use

People often ask how to choose the best electronic enclosure box for different use, given that there are many options out there. It is especially true when many engineers do not spend much time on the importance of enclosure boxes, with a focus on the technology of internal components. Though it might seem simple to just pick a box, multiple aspects can create anxiety in deciding the best box even for an experienced specifier. 

Here, you will learn certain criteria which are considered while selecting the best enclosure boxes

Size of the Electronic Enclosure for your Component

It may seem basic in reality, but the nature of the enclosure box industry makes it a bit daunting. The only standard size of enclosure storage boxes with fixed ratios has been standardized for over 90 years now. Many enclosure manufacturers own their standard sizes which can vary a little, just by an inch or two. It makes people switch to different manufacturers real quick. 

On the better side, Ganga Metco offers a very easy customization tool that helps you in understanding the electronic measurements which meet your dimensions for the enclosure box. 

Best Material for your Electronic Enclosure 

When you are considering buying an electronic enclosure, many considerations are needed to make a proper choice. It includes the weight since plastic is much lighter than steel, durability, flammability, impact resistance, etc. Steel or metal is often decided because it offers high durability, and they are incredibly strong. Moreover, you can easily modify the dimensions using tools. Metal enclosure boxes are highly effective for wall or pole-mounted applications. 

Does your Enclosure use in Hazardous Environment or is any Special Protection required?

There are many different types of electronic enclosures, but all use the same basic design: an enclosure that houses electronic devices and communicates with the outside world. All electronic enclosures require some type of special protection before they can be used in a hazardous environment.

Many electronics are not just being used in environmentally controlled areas, rather there are multiple unprotected areas where the electronic enclosure boxes are being used. For such situations, NEMA or IP ratings of the enclosure boxes are required for testing the certification of the enclosure whether it can withstand harsh conditions like snow, sprayed water, or submersion. Other aspects might include, flammability, RFI protection, UV protection, etc. 

Does your Electronic Enclosure require Accessories or specific features?

Do your electronic enclosures require accessories or specific features?
An enclosure is an essential part of any computer system, and it’s important to make sure the components inside are compatible. If you don’t have the right accessories, your computer might not function correctly. So it’s important that you purchase an electronic enclosure box to protect your investment.

Many small or mid-sized electronic enclosures require mounting provisions. This requires the availability of panels, which helps in the easy installation of the components. Other features can include clear lids to avoid the drilling of holes or a locking mechanism on hinged cover boxes. 

How much does the box cost?

Ratings, features, and even the material selection of electronic enclosure boxes include pricing information. Checking with your supplier will help you determine the budget and will provide you with other options or features. Of course, in this fast-paced world, there is nothing that you cannot find for customized enclosure boxes at Ganga Metco. 

Final Thoughts

Selecting an enclosure is not a challenging task. All it needs is some things that are necessary to consider and a reliable enclosure box manufacturer like Ganga Metco to get the guidance and product ready for your application. Give us a call today and find your perfect enclosure with us.

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