Think You Know About Storage Racks For Industrial Use.

Think You Know About Storage Racks For Industrial Use.

Storage racks for industrial use are made of heavy metals which are used for short and long-term placement of materials, maximizing the existing space to hold the items in an organized way. 

The world is rapidly developing in the industrial sector, and innovations and creations in the technologies lead the world to new heights. Using these technologies makes countless products in machinery, agriculture, medical, textile, electronic, electrical, etc. 

These numerous products cannot be placed anywhere else, and we need to manage them properly to keep them out of damage and sell them to the people for their needs. Since industries produce many products, they need to be placed in an organized manner. Thus, Storage Racks for industrial use are the best idea. 

What are Storage Racks For Industrial Use made of?

These Industrial Storage Racks are made through advanced technical procedures and are commonly made of mild, HR, CR steel. Also, its manufacturing includes aluminum, copper, chrome, etc., due to the high durability of these metals. Ganga Metco provides ideal Storage racks for Industrial use to its customers that are made in India. 

Types of Industrial Storage Racks.

Industrial storage racks are of different kinds depending on the space or the industry (Warehouse, Departmental store, etc.) in which they are required. 

  • Heavy Duty Storage Racks
  • Metafold Sheet Racks
  • Racks For departmental store
  • Heavy-Duty Arm Cantilever
  • Cantilever Library Shelving
  • Hypermarket Racks
  • Roll-Out Cantilever Racks
  • Heavy-Duty Beam Racks

How to choose Right Storage Racks for Industrial Use.

Whenever seeking a Storage Rack, you should consider these points.

  1. Size- According to your place and need, you should focus on the size of the racks for maximum utilization of space, and it will help you determine how much more space is available for your equipment.
  2. Style of racks- According to your operation, keep the product you will be storing and the size of your products. You are storing machinery pieces of equipment ( heavy machines, metal pipes, etc.), cooling equipment like refrigerators, or small basic products.
  3. Metal Quality- These Storage Racks for Industrial Use are mainly for the long term, and that’s why to keep an eye on the durability of the metal. Thickness must be checked so that it can carry heavy materials of your industry and protect your equipment.
  4. Weight of material- Storage Racks must be thick and hold their weight for a long time for placing a hefty material. 

Why Choose Us?

For any success, we should think of a long-term process. Similarly, for Storage packs, we should consider every quality, mainly its long-term durability. Look for a manufacturer who could provide you with the best quality and certified metal rack. Ganga Metco offers you the excellent structured, highly durable, adaptable Storage Rack designed by our experienced and innovative engineers after deep research of new technologies and innovation. Especially, our engineers focus on optimizing the time and space provided to the companies. 

We deeply research the requirements of our clients and work on the layout as per the wish of our customers. After checking every aspect, we deliver them the most trusted quality Racks manufactured in India. 


Whether a departmental store, warehouse, or shop, they all require good management of their products. To fulfill this requirement, the first choice is Storage racks. 

Storage Racks For Industrial Use are for saving the materials from damage, placing them in a well-organized way. Racks help maximize the existing space to put more materials per the requirement. Whenever looking for these Racks, go to a certified and trusted source. 

Ganga Metco Rack manufacturers In India deliver the checked, the certified metal used Racks according to your needs prepared by our engineers and wishes you success in your business ahead. 



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