Get The Best Metal Electronic Enclosures Online In India

Get The Best Metal Electronic Enclosures Online In India

We are dedicated to perfection, and our advances in enclosure technology are proof of that. Our electronic enclosures are unmatched in the industry, and our factory is ISO certified. Ganga Metco is one of the best metal enclosure manufacturers in India.

Ganga Metco specializes in complicated sheet metal production with a focus on manufacturing design. We use our substantial skills in the industry to produce items that no one else can. 

In the world of electrical design, sheet metal steel enclosures are very common. Here you’ll get more options than you might think if you’re seeking high-quality metal enclosures.

Ganga Metco metal enclosures include a power distribution box, a control panel box, and many electrical panel boxes. Metal enclosure boxes, on the other hand, are one of the most essential and extensively utilized metal enclosure types.

Metal Electronic Enclosures Benefits

Metal enclosures have several advantages that other materials Metal enclosures, in particular, have several advantageous characteristics:

Benefits Of Using A Metal Electronic Enclosures

  • High and low-temperature resistance is excellent.
  • Many common industrial chemicals, such as alcohol and solvents, are nearly immune to it.
  • When used with a high-performance rubber gasket, it provides excellent splash and hose-directed water protection.
  • High resilience to tool and machinery impacts
  • Performance that is long-lasting and generally durable
  • Keeping outside contaminants out of the system, such as dust or dirt
  • Internal components are protected from outside fluids, chemicals, UV radiation, and other environmental elements while in use.
  • Technical directors of theatres and music halls frequently choose metal enclosures with glass doors; sensitive audio and video equipment, which must be protected from contamination and collision, can also emit undesired noises, which can be distracting during performances or presentations.
  • Enclosures made of metal are frequently required for the safe and efficient operation of electrical components. Many industrial processes generate enormous amounts of dust and debris, which can cause exposed electrical or mechanical components to fail.

Metal Enclosures And Shapes In Industrial Applications

Metal enclosures can be found in almost any business that uses delicate or expensive equipment, such as batteries, electrical systems, or drilling equipment. These systems are protected from dirt, pollutants, and fluids with the correct metal casing, keeping their functionality and preventing downtime. Dust buildup, which can impair product quality and interfere with correct equipment function over time, is also prevented by industrial enclosures. The easiest method to reduce these hazards and maintain system performance is to use secure, well-fitted metal enclosures.

The following industries frequently use specialized enclosures to protect their electronics:

  • beverages and food
  • Storage of solar batteries
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of automobiles
  • Industrial Machinery Electronics
  • Medical

What Metal and Form Do You Use for Your Enclosure or Part?

Clients must collaborate with manufacturers to choose the proper materials to get the most out of a metal enclosure. Choosing the proper metal for your enclosure guarantees that it will withstand the threats that your application presents while staying within your operational budget. The most popular options are:

  • Steel that has been cold rolled
  • Steel, stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanneal\sCopper

Distribution box

  • Distribution boxes with an attractive design
  • For a long-lasting surface finish, the newest powder coating technology was used.
  • A translucent plastic cover is available.

Lockers manufacturer

Lockers that make it easy to store things and keep them safe. Our Industrial Lockers are extremely sturdy and have all of the necessary aesthetics thanks to Powder Coating. Individual Locks are given for each locker in the entire storage facility. Workers, company employees, students, club members, and others will benefit from these Industrial Lockers.

CNC Machine Services

With the help of our best experts, we provide excellent accuracy and repeatability, even for the most complex products. We are dedicated to offering precision CNC machining services that meet or exceed the needs of our customers. We are the supplier of quality products and meet our customer’s requirements.

  • Team of Experts
  • Advanced technology equipment is used
  • Competitive Prices 
  • High Complexity Machining Capability
  • Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

Why choose us?

We are the leading manufacturer of metal enclosures in India. 

  • Quality products are provided
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Responds quickly
  • Increased production facility with the help of CNC Punching Machines, CNC Bending, and Power Press Machines.
  • Follow the scientific process to maintain high quality.
  • Eco-friendly and long-lasting metal enclosure
  • Products are delivered timely


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