What Is A Wall Mounted Rack And What Are Its Most Important Benefits.

What Is A Wall Mounted Rack And What Are Its Most Important Benefits.

There are many various types of racks to select from, but each is tailored to certain purposes and conditions. Wall mount racks, which come in open frame or cabinet designs, are excellent for environments with limited operational area.

Wall mount racks are typically used to house network equipment such as patch panels and switches, but they may also be used to house servers. To conserve space and retain access to the front and rear I/O, equipment in wall mount racks is usually placed vertically or horizontally.

These racks are mostly used to house network equipment such as patch panels and switches, but they can also be used to house servers.

What are the advantages of using a wall-mounted rack?

1. Making the most of available floor space

One of the most significant advantages of a wall mount rack is that, because it is off the floor, you never have to worry about working around it. For those who have a restricted amount of room, this aspect becomes increasingly essential. Using a wall mount rack will allow you to store all of your equipment in one location while still leaving room on the floor for other items.

2. Mounting options that are versatile

The wall mount racks’ flexible nature allows them to be installed in any position and allows them to be put near to conduits or other barriers to provide comfortable control access at the required height. Their various heights and depths make them suitable for a wide range of applications. You can easily instal and secure devices without causing any damage, and you may choose a solution for 3, 6, 9, or 12 units. When the equipment needs to be connected from the wall mount rack to other devices in the space, this is critical.

3. Equipment protection that is reliable

The lockable front and sides panels of the closed frame racks enable safe protection of equipment in open environments from tampering, dust, and other dangers. You may even place your wall mount rack just below the ceiling to keep undesirable people away from your gear. You may add additional layer of protection to your equipment by utilising these sorts of 19″ racks. The HPR series has a two-section construction that allows for simple access to the equipment’s backside and wiring.

4. There are several choices.

Ganga Metco has a wide range of wall mount racks to choose from. There’s also a whole selection of white options to match your decor. Learn more about the WPR series, which provides the most installation freedom for 19″ equipment, or the NPR series, which is designed for the installation of “half-rack” sized electronic equipment, among other things.

5. Take precautions to avoid overheating

If you pick wall mount racks, you can improve the performance of your hardware. Overheating is quite unlikely if all equipment is correctly fitted. Our racks are built to withstand the heat generated by the equipment, with fans and an integrated ventilation grid on top to exhaust the hot air. There will be air movement inside the rack as a result of this.

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