What are Electrical Panels And What Are Their Different Varieties?

What are Electrical Panels And What Are Their Different Varieties?

A load control centre is just an electrical panel. All electrical operations, such as power distribution, transmission, and system protection, are carried out only via the use of an electrical panel. Using the electrical panel and wiring diagram, the electrical system (wiring diagram) will be constructed. Electrical panels are used to put electrical wiring diagrams into practise. Trip circuits, closure circuits, busbars, cables, MCCBs, MCBs, MPCBs, NO & NCs, and other components are included. Electrical panels ensure that electricity is distributed safely to the load. Electrical panels are made of rolled steel and come in rectangular or square shapes. Depending on the use, several types of electrical panels exist.

  • Control Panel
  • PCC – Power Control Center –
  • MCC stands for Motor Control Center.
  • Main Lighting Distribution Board (MLDB)

Protective relays, metres, alarm circuits, PLCs, SMPS, Small power source, and other circuit control elements are found in the control panel. These panels will either be located near the maintenance operator’s station or the control panel will be watched by the operator.

PCC (Power Control Center) panel: PCC is an abbreviation for Power Control Center. This is the control circuit’s beating heart. PCC receives the output of the generators or transformers. This panel will house all of the essential power circuit equipment. Circuit breakers, Busbar, PTs (Potential Transformers), CTs (Current Transformers), insulators, and other components are included. This panel will have major safety circuits to safeguard transformers, motors, and generators, among other things. Feeders will transport the output power from the PCC panel to MCC panels.

MCC Panel: Motor control centre is abbreviated as MCC. It is made up of Feeders. And the feeder includes the motor starter, SFU, MCB, MCCB, MPCBs, control transformer, and metres, among other things. You may access all of the circuit breakers or fuses by opening the MCC panel doors. Typically, one of these panels feeds all of the circuits in the power plant or other electrical applications, but in other cases, another “sub-panel” such as a welding distribution board or a lighting distribution board may serve a specific region.

The Main Lighting Distribution Board (MLDB) is responsible for distributing electricity to the lighting circuits.

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