About Sheet Metal Door Everything You Need To Know

About Sheet Metal Door Everything You Need To Know

Knock knock! “Oh no, this door is easy to break, we can probably get into the house without planning” is what all burglars might think when they are planning a robbery. If you have cheap wooden doors and hollow metal doors, you are likely to experience easy door breakage, putting your security at risk.

With a strong and durable Sheet Metal Door, your house will be a secured place. Sheet Metal doors are way more powerful, rigid, and durable than ordinary doors. Let it be any rich person who’s building a house. If their door isn’t tough then that person isn’t deemed to be rich after then. A door is as crucial as any part of the house as it’s essential. As residents, of course, do not want any false play with the door but are you confused about which door to buy for your home!? From wood to glass, any door can be broken easily and that’s why you should refer to Sheet Metal Doors

Why Are Sheet Metal Doors So Strong?

Did you infer the need for metal doors is foreseen to grow at 3.7% per year through 2022? Sheet metal doors also come with layouts. The experts at Ganga Metco is renowned Sheet Metal Door manufacturer, we make sure that the design is subtle and neat. Our designers make sure that the radius is precise and that any mistake isn’t made. If the bending radius will be limited on these components it will put the flatness of the rabbet on which the door stands at risk. This contributes to additional inaccuracies in establishing and regulating the door. 

What Is A Bending Radius?

The bending radius is determined according to the inside curvature. This is the lowest radius that can be used to bend a pipe, sheet, cable, or hose without damaging it and reducing its life. The frames for doors and windows apply the roll-forming way for the process of bending. 

The Next Thing To Discuss Is Rips And Holes

Holes are necessary for any door, but it is important to know how and when to scale them. The portion of metal surrounding the area of holes gets stretched and becomes more solid, providing better structural rigidity to the sheet and thus the sheet metal doors. The two points that should be considered before the process of drilling are – the size of the hole and the gap between the two holes.

The Thumb Rule

Unlike in science, we have a thumb rule when it comes to building doors and windows. According to this rule, the height of the door should be 1 m. Windows: An area that is used, to give light and ventilation. Generally, the windows are located at a height of 0.75 m to 0.90 m from the floor level. 

As a thumb rule, the diameter of the gap should not be less than the sheet thickness, and the length between these holes must be double the sheet’s thickness. Strengthening the diameter of the hole is important to the stock thickness ratio, as punching holes that are smaller than the material thickness cause the stamping. 

Notches And Tabs

Since our hollow metal doors are sheet based you might be wondering whether they will tear or not and that’s why we are using notches. The application of the rule of thumb here is that the width of the notch should not be less than 1.5 times and the length should be a maximum of 5 times the sheet thickness.

The main part is welding when it comes to doors. Welding helps in making simple modifications for the door. We also follow 2D and 3D patterns whilst manufacturing the door. 


We make sure that our Hollow Metal Doors are manufactured inch by inch in every right way as your safety is our surety.





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