Electrical Panel Board An Introduction, Types And Application

Electrical Panel Board An Introduction, Types And Application

The usage of an electrical panel board is probably the ideal choice to consider if you are providing power to different components. They often are a metal panel that opens to reveal several on/off switches. Wherever the electrical panel board is situated or throughout your company, you may manage the electricity for various parts and locations.

What Is An Electrical Panel Board?

The place where electrical power is received, managed, switched, and dispersed is the electrical panel board. Electrical loads from a specific location can be safely controlled because of the electrical panel board’s architecture. An electrical panel consists of circuits, switches, feeders, indicator lights, and protective devices.

Features Of Electrical Panel Board

Following are some of the main characteristics of Electrical Panel Boards

  • It should be as small as feasible.
  • All the gadgets or components are simple to control.
  • It must have points of connection to the soil or the ground.
  • It must guarantee high levels of electrical safety.
  • Indications must be appropriate and readily apparent.
  • It should be Simple to maintain or repair.

Types Of Electrical Panel Board

Following are the types of Electrical Panel Boards

Control Panel

The circuit control components of an electrical panel board include relays for protection, meters, alarm circuits, PLCs, SMPS, small power sources, etc. The maintenance operator will position these panels nearby or keep an eye on the control panel himself.

PCC Panel

The PCC stands for Power Control Center. It serves as the control circuit’s brain. PCC receives the output from the generators or transformers and has the main power circuit equipment. Which consists of insulators, potential transformers, current transformers, circuit breakers, and so on. This panel will be equipped with significant safety circuits to safeguard transformers, motors, generators, etc. Feeders will deliver the PCC panel’s output power to the MCC panels.

MCC Panel

The structure of the MCC, or motor control center, is made up of feeders. The feeder also has meters, a control transformer, a motor starter, SFU, MCB, MCCB, and MPCBs. When the MCC panel doors open, all the circuit breakers or fuses are accessible. There might be additional “sub-panels” that cater to a particular area, like a distribution board for welding or lighting. Typically, one of these panels supplies all of the power plant’s circuits with electricity in addition to meeting other electrical needs.

Electrical Panel Board For House

A distribution board is an essential division of any circuitry in your homes, offices, or other locations. They must not be ignored because they have a significant function to play. They are among the most vital components because they guarantee that the current is distributed equally across all the other parts, allowing for proper operation. It also ensures that no equipment will be damaged due to overcurrents or short circuits. The Ganga Metco distribution boards are attractive on the outside.

They add to the attractiveness of your house’s interiors by seamlessly blending in. The designer electrical panel boards come in various colors and have two uses. They not only protect you from the negative effects of electricity but also beautify your walls. Thus Electrical panel boards for houses are an important component. On the Ganga Metco website, you can choose from various distribution boards at fantastic pricing and easily have protection sent to your home.


Your home’s electrical distribution panel functions similarly to an interstate interchange. It serves two vital purposes: transports electricity to your home’s outlets and fixtures and guards against overloads that may start house fires.

Electrical distribution panels are crucial to agriculture, housing, manufacturing, oil and gas, food and beverage, and other industries. Contact Ganga Metco, a well-known electrical panel board manufacturer, to begin this process and get the distribution board you need to complete it efficiently and affordably. We are the leading electrical panel board manufacturer. Your satisfaction is our priority. Choose Ganga Metco for your electrical distribution panel at the best price and quality. For electrical panel board prices, you can directly contact us through our customer care support.


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