How Electrical Junction Box Are Important?

How Electrical Junction Box Are Important?

Electric wires and their connections can be seen anywhere and everywhere, but do you want to see them?

The answer is very simple – NO. To make this happen Electrical Junction box can help you.

Electrical Junction Boxes are generally made of plastic or metal. Deciding the material that will be best for utilization can be done by throwing some light on its benefits, importance, types, sizes, cost, and everything else.

What is Electrical Junction Box?

These are the enclosed boxes that are used to cover the electrical connections and to save the house, office, building, or any other place from the accident of short-circuiting.

It is a very common mishappening that can destroy the whole site in minutes. These are known as junction boxes because of their use.

It is recommended to use these boxes not only to keep your surroundings safe from fire but also for the kids.

Electrical Junction Box Types?

According to the availability of these enclosed boxes in the market, there are various types of them.

  • Based on the material – If we have to define the types based on the material used, then there are two major varieties – metal and plastic.
  • Based on size – 2 gang, 3- gang, and 4 gang boxes, 4-inch square boxes are the three types of boxes. Depending on the number of wires and connections the user can use these boxes. 2 gang box is small in size, 3 gang box is medium, the 4 gang box is the large one and the 4-inch square box is the standard one.              Based on shape – These boxes also come in different shapes – round, octagon and round, and rectangle.
  • Based on purpose – The above-mentioned varieties can also be differentiated for their purpose. Other than these there is another junction box – a ceiling fan-rated Electrical Junction box.

Which Electrical Junction Box Is Better?

Among all these, the only point on which we can further choose one is the material.

We can look over some points that can make clear which Electrical Junction Boxes will be better – metal or plastic.

  • Damage resistance – In this comparison metal boxes have the upper hand over plastic boxes. As metal material is stronger it is more damage resistant and will last longer than a plastic one.
  • Fireproof – The metal box and plastic box both are fireproof but when we have to compare the two then more votes will be given to the metal box. The metal material has a higher melting point than plastic, therefore it is a better fire-resistant material.
  • Warp-Resistant – When the boxes are placed and fitted somewhere then external screws are used and if the material is not strong enough then it will get bent and curved easily. In this case, metal wins the battle, due to its high tensile strength, it will not bend easily and will stay intact.
  • Overall quality – By summarizing the above three points, we can conclude that metal electrical junction boxes are better than plastic electrical boxes.
  • Cost – The main point that everyone must be waiting for – is price. Metal boxes are expensive as compared to plastic ones. But your decision must depend on the price and quality together

Manufacturers of Electrical Junction Box

There are various electrical junction box manufacturers in India but choosing the best among them becomes difficult for you. To make it easy for you we can give you a chance to know about Ganga Metco as the best manufacturer of Electrical Junction boxes.

Electrical Metal Junction Box Price

This is the amount of money that is charged for buying and using an electrical junction box. There are various factors on which the electrical junction box price depends. These factors can be the size and type of electrical junction box that is being used.

Another factor that can vary the prices is the company that is manufacturing the electric junction box and providing it to the clients.

Why choose us?

Ganga Metco has been a leading Electrical Junction Box manufacturer, exporter, and supplier for several years.

  • We provide high-quality boxes for multiple purposes with 97% high durability.
  • Manufactured with a customer-centric approach.
  • We Have served various prestigious clients – Godrej, Exide, Havells, Eureka Forbes, Patanjali, and Havells.
  • At Ganga Metco, we have supplied our products to 21+ cities.

We believe in making your business a success by giving you a product that has been designed and structured by our engineers and made by our workers.

After checking every aspect, we deliver you the most trusted quality Electrical Junction Boxes manufactured in India. 


This blog must have given you enough information regarding choosing the Electrical Junction Boxes wisely.

Producing the best is our duty, and choosing us for your electrical box requirement would be your best choice. 


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