Distribution Boxes And Major Types Of Distribution Boxes

Distribution Boxes And Major Types Of Distribution Boxes

The distribution box is the main electrical power supply source for residential structures, for people who don’t know. The primary electrical supply wire arrives at the distribution box, where it is dispersed into secondary circuits, including lights and sockets, through circuit breakers. This is significant because it aids in ensuring correct power distribution for each system’s optimal efficiency. Not only that, but it also contributes to the safety of electrical appliances.

Distribution boxes manufactured in India come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ganga Metco has listed the many sorts of distribution boxes that you may encounter below, based on numerous variables.

Panel of Main Breakers

This is the most popular distribution box, as it safeguards the circuit while simultaneously keeping track of the panel’s amperage power. Key breaker panels are a common control box that secures circuits and monitors the device’s amperage power. The circuit breaker, which is connected through three wires in each circuit, protects the circuits from overheating. Because of its role, the main breaker panel will supply electricity to the whole home, including the circuit breakers.

Boxes with Fuses

A fuse box is a consumer appliance that regulates and distributes all electrical current. It’s critical to know where it is since, in an emergency, you’ll need to turn it off to avoid danger. The primary switch, male female sockets, residual current device, and circuit breakers are among the components.

Boxes with Fuses

Subpanels are simple to install and improve the security of your house. These are much smaller and assist in electricity transmission to a different section of the house. The subpanel gets power from the main panel and can then alter the property’s current distribution.

Lug Panel (Main)

When there is an issue in the main breaker panel, the main lug panels are used. The line wire passes through these lugs, and the main lug panel is linked to a circuit breaker as a result. When a power outage occurs, the metre will be disconnected to cut off electricity as soon as possible.

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