5 Things About Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters

All of us use commercial water heaters to heat water for daily use especially during winters, however, have you ever wondered what commercial water heaters are? You might be clueless when this question comes into your mind. Well, do not worry, Sun Stellar makes sure to give every detail about their products and how they benefit your life. 

A commercial water heater generally heats water for business use to cater to different needs during production, manufacturing, etc. It means water is heated in large volume and the pace of heating water should be fast enough so that the business activity is not disrupted. This is where heat pump water heaters play a crucial role by providing regular hot water with great efficiency. 

More often, such water heaters are also used in schools, restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, etc., for different purposes. The below points highlight some important factors about commercial heaters which you should be aware of before purchasing one.

The most interesting fact about commercial heaters is that they consume a lot of energy. Of course, if you want voluminous hot water to run a business, more energy is needed to generate hot water. It generally consumes more energy than a household. Even when using a heater for residential purposes, most of the bill is covered with the energy consumption by water heaters. Due to this reason, businesses tend to buy high-efficiency water heaters to save their expenses on energy.

Not Confined to Water Tanks

Many people often think that heat pump heaters are generally large storage tanks. However, this is not true as they come in different forms. Traditionally, there were only electric water heaters which consumed a lot of electricity. But today, with advancements in technology many solar water heaters are used which minimize the carbon footprint.

Different Types of Water Heaters

Many types of water pump heaters are used today. The first invented heater is powered by electricity and it is one of the common electric water heaters. This heater is usually pricey when it comes to the bill.

Another alternative to commercial heaters is gas water heaters. Some locations provide low gas; therefore, businesses use gas heaters to minimize the cost and also, they do not emit any pollution. 

Lastly, a solar water heater powered by natural resources is widely used today because of its cost-effectiveness and energy-saving property. The installation cost might be a little costlier initially, but they tend to be more useful and environment-friendly than any other type of heater. 

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Water Pump Heaters Can Explode

People using water heaters are normally aware of the fact that such heaters can explode. It is true but very rare. In the case of gas water heaters, any leakage of gas can result in an explosion. So, be careful of any smell of leaking gas. Also, if you are using a tank water heater then make sure not to put much pressure and remove it through the relief valve. One should not overheat the heaters while consuming hot water.

Maintenance of Water Heaters

Though the life of a typical solar water heater is nearly 10-12 years, however, they need timely maintenance. Many people ignore its repair if they are working well. But the fact is, if you want your heater to run properly, then maintaining it from time to time by a trusted service provider is crucial.

No matter which type of commercial water heater you are using, maintenance is necessary as ignoring it can cost you thousands. Also, any part of the equipment can suddenly disrupt your entire production without any repair.


Conclusively, these are some interesting facts and important information that you should know about commercial water pump heaters. Such pointers can help you in guiding you through the right path for choosing the type of heater according to your budget and efficiency. 

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